25 de octubre de 2018


OUR SOLIDARITY NETWORK: Last weekend some of our network students took part in a regional meeting at Mollina (Malaga). The topic was ”GIRLS FREE FROM VIOLENCE” (La niña libre de violencia). Many youngsters and educators deal with three main topics: ablation, child marriage and girls without school. We want to share with you three videos to illustrate all this.
Some of the aims were: 1) Visualize gender discrimination against girls. 2) Protect them from any kind of violence. 3) Support them in order to feed their sel-esteem. 4) Fight against female poverty.
Strategies: 1) Workshops at school to report these social facts led by educators and school network members. 2) Favourise a language which includes terms such as EMPOWERMENT, GENDER VIOLENCE, COEDUCATION, MICROMACHISMO(MISANDRY) AND GENDER EQUALITY 3) Create a school mailbox to complain about bullying and cyberbullying possible episodes.  Videos:

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