23 de noviembre de 2018

VI Edición del concurso de microrretatos contra la VG (II)

Publicamos esta segunda entrada porque debido al altísimo índice de participación en el concurso, la anterior no admite más comentarios. En esta solo se pueden publicar los microrrelatos de nuestros socios y socias del Erasmus Plus y las producciones en Francés. Gracias por la gran acogida de este proyecto.

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  1. It's her fault, though
    Coming home from "work", walking past my "audience"-unpleasant experience.
    -"Nice dance today!" -"Come with me, sweetie! Show me more of your performance!"

    -"Mommy, why do you come home so late nowadays? And why isn't daddy here anymore?'
    -"Sorry honey, dad left so I had to find a better-paid job."

    -"Did you know the single mother is a strip-dancer?"
    -"Yeah, it's disgusting. The child will be ashamed of her when he grows up."
    -"But her partner left her."
    -"It's her fault, though! She decided to have a child with him. She's the one to bear consequences."

    Baby is born and it's glad that it's in the world. It's happy when someone cares and feeds it and nurses it and when someone gives it love. It doesn't care if that person is black, yellow, brown, white, pink, purple... It cares about how that person treats it. It cares about how you're behaving.
    Try to think about how the world could look if we wouldn't look through these eyes destroyed by the world and we could see the world through a child's eyes.

    It’s morning again. I have to wake up and repeat the same routine as every day. Just like every other person… Have a breakfast, go to work, get angry about traffic jams, do my job and then come back home and rest, maybe go out with friends if I feel like it. Except it isn’t so easy for me, for me job is a my little personal hell. My boss want’s me to do, what isn’t exactly in the desription of my work. I should quit, but i would end up living on a street. I can’t do it anymore.

  2. Dream job
    Theresa is 29 years old woman. She studied engineering at university in New York, because she really likes math and physics. Theresa always wanted to move to California. So when she left school, she moved to Los Angeles. Now, she lives here, but she is unemployed. She tried to get position in firm for several times, but unfortunately everywhere wanted a man. I'm disappointed that the fact: I'm a woman and I can have some problems with getting a job. Everyone should have the chance to get their dream job, no matter gender.

  3. The cure on homoexualism.
    Regardless of race, place of residence, social status or education, there is a constant percentage of homosexual people in every society - 6% on average. There is a technique, a pseudo-scientific therapy for the treatment of homosexuality. I once met a guy,an adult man who experienced this kind of „help";. His mother was a very faithful person and, as we know, the Church is not a supporter of this orientation. She forced him for treatment, and he didn't want to let her down. He heard there that what he felt for other men was bad, inappropriate and incompatible with his nature and he slowly began to believe it.He experienced an incredible trauma and the therapy did not give any effect.He decided to cut himself off from his family and live his own life in love. People do not choose who they love or who attracts them sexually. Love is love, regardless of orientation or gender. We should not decide for the others.

    By Anna Wittbrodt


    Anne was sixteen when she met John. He was tall, well-built and attractive. He looked like a twenty-five years old. John stopped the girl and asked about the way to the bank. Anne showed the man the way but he said:”I don’t understand. Could you take me there?” Girl agreed. They walked together a few meters when John pushed Anne to the car and drove off.
    When the girl screamed and begged for help, John committed a terrible crime. He wanted to sell Anne at the black market as a slave. The teenager managed to escape but she was already very far away from home. Thanks to the help of good people, she arrived home in four days. John was sentenced to five years in prison.

    Holewska Marcelina

    One day I met a very interesting person. Suddenly he met with discrimination because he was "different". People were talking and laughing at him- was something like a standard. But hazing was something under criticism. Jokes and hear says about his asexuality were on primary school level. Once he told me an awful story...
    One day he was going back home (probably you say that it isn't something extraordinary but please wait with it). Everything was well but when he turned to a side street he met his 5 classmates with their 2 friends. Then the scuffles started: kicking, spitting, insulting etc. He ran away cause they had knives and baseball sticks and then some people started calling him coward. All these events were reported to the police and school principal. He said that it's over and then he changed school and started all again.
    After all these events in his old school teachers prepared workshops about bullying, suicides, different sexuality. He was thinking about that and he wondered: must have happened something like this that someone would react...
    By Sandra Styn

  4. One day
    Pewnego dnia, podczas wakacji we Włoszech byłam świadkiem pewnego incydentu. Obok grupy chłopców pijących alkohol ,przechodziła kobieta nosząca hidżab. Jeden z chłopców zaczął do niej mówić na wpół pijackim bełkotem, po czym złapał za okrycie i zdjął. Dopiero po czasie zrozumiałam co się wydarzyło ,gdy wokół kobiety zebrał się tłum oburzonych kobiet jak i mężczyzn broniących jej. Byłam w szoku, ponieważ pierwszy raz widziałam coś takiego, kiedyś widziałam kilka filmików w internecie, ale nigdy na żywo. Na świecie nie powinno być nienawiści na tle rasowym czy wyznaniowym, ponieważ każdy ma prawo do wyrażania własnych poglądów czy religii. Uważam ,że mimo wielu rzeczy odróżniających nas od siebie, wszyscy jesteśmy tacy sami.

    One day, during the summer in Italy I was a witness of an incident. Next to a group of boys drinking alcohol, was passing by a woman wearing a hijab. One of them started talking to her half-drunken gibberish, then grabbed her hijab and took it off. Only after some time I realized what had just happened, when around a woman appeared a crowd of indignant women and men defending her. I was shocked, because I saw something like that for the first time, I had seen some videos on the internet about it before but never live. In the world shouldn't be racial or religious hatred, because everyone has an equal right to express their own views or religions. I think that despite a lot of things that differ us from one another, inside we are all the same.
    By Oliwia Spaluch
    From Love to hatred
    This is the story about two young people and their relationship. They really loved each other. They got married and after that they started to argue. Once during a quarrel he raised his hand and hit her. She was really scared but she didn't say anything. Knowing that she was afraid of him, began to abuse her. He started to use violence and threat her and he said: if you tell anyone I will kill you! After that she told her best friend and they reported this to the police, the man was sent to prison for 25 years.
    By Konrad Minge

  5. A black man
    In my city is a kebab shop. The owner of it is a black man. He had many problems like broken windows, insults written on wall and many more. One day when I was eating my delicious kebab I heard a dispute between owner and surprisingly an old lady. She said that she won't eat anything from him because of his skin color. I explained her that we are exactly all the same except our appearance. After a long talk she finally calmed down, apologized for her behavior and bought a kebab.

    W moim mieście jest sklep z kebabem. Jego właścicielem jest czarnoskóry mężczyzna. Miał wiele problemów takich jak zbite okna, wyzwiska napisane na ścianie i wiele innych. Pewnego dnia, gdy jadłem mojego pysznego kebaba, słyszałem kłótnie między właścicielem i zaskakująco, starszą kobietą. Powiedziała, że nie zje niczego od niego z powodu koloru jego skóry. Wytłumaczyłem jej, że jesteśmy dokładnie tacy sami oprócz naszego wyglądu. Po długiej rozmowie wkońcu się uspokoiła, przeprosiła za jej zachowanie i kupiła kebab.

    By Rafał Łepek

    Terrified victims
    Gender violence is a big problem in our life. There are a lot of women that have been herrased and are too scarred to speak about that. A week ago, in a supermarket, I saw a girl. When she was reaching for something I saw bruises all over her arms. I realised she was a victim of an abusive relationship. I didn’t want to be mean but I asked her a few questions and asked if I could call the police. She refused with tears in her eyes. I figured out she was scarred of her boyfriend. I still called the authorities. Her boyfriend got arrested but the trauma that he caused would stay with her till the end of her life.

    By Oskar Bolda

    A victim
    My story began ten years ago. I met a handsome man. We became
    friends and later he moved in with me. I loved his personality. He
    drank a lot but then it didn't bother me. I didn't realize what was
    coming. Several years later it was getting worse. He ceased to
    control himself. One day when he came drunk he hit me in the head.
    The next day when he arrived at the flat he was full of remorse. He
    said he would never hurt me again. I believed him, because I loved
    him more than life itself. For some time it was calm but later, it
    happened again and again. I wanted to leave him but he threatened
    me. He said he would haunt me and beat me if I did it. I was scared
    and didn't have the courage to leave him or ask someone for help. He
    was stronger than me so I didn't have chance to escape. The years
    passed and I'm still with him. Until one day someone helped me.
    And now I have a peaceful life without him.
    By Ola Korth

  6. Poor Anna
    Two years ago four boys laughed at my friend. Her name is Anna. They laughed at her because She is a woman and they think that all women are stupid and they are not strong. She didn't say anything. She used to cry often and her life changed. Then she stopped going out. When she got bad grades her mother asked ''why did you get bad grades''. She answered ''because in school a few boys tease me''. Next day mother and Anna went to school to an educator. Boys went to boss and they were expelled from school. Now Anna is not intimidated.
    By Jakub Woronko Id
    "Difficult being yourself"
    Two friends: Abigale and Kevin. They were telling each other about everything. Kevin was hiding something from his friend. One day he decided to reveal his secret. It turned out that he's homosexual. Abigale was shocked because of his confession. At first she seemed to forgive. The next day everyone at school was weirdly looking at Kevin. Abigale was pretending she didn't know him. He went to the locker room to change clothes for PE lesson. Suddenly, his classmates came in to the locker room and immediately they started to mock him because of his sexual orientation. By the end of the day the students offended him.
    It turned out that Abigale revealed his secret. Kevin had to change the school because of teasing him in this environment. Since then he couldn't trust anyone and he had to hide his sexual orientation.

    Rachwał Agata, kl. Id

    Rasista to osoba która jest nietolerancyjna, dyskryminuje ludzi z powodu innego koloru skóry, innej wiary, innego państwa. Rasizm to zła cecha, nad którą należy pracować.
    Pewnego dnia spotkałam się z rasistowską sytuacją. Mały, afrykański chłopiec o ciemnej skórze wybrał się pierwszy raz do polskiej szkoły. Pewna grupa dzieci nie chciała z nim rozmawiać z powodu inności. Nie umiał czytać, pisać, ale koledzy z klasy zamiast mu pomóc, wyzywali go, śmiali się z niego. Chłopiec miał ogromne trudności ze znalezieniem przyjaciół i zrozumieniem wśród rówieśników. Pomoc nauczycieli i rodziców nie wystarczyła, potrzebował jak każde dziecko kolegów. Znalazł prawdziwego przyjaciela dopiero na koniec roku szkolnego.
    We współczesnym świecie istnieje rasizm, jednak nie powinno mieć to miejsca, ponieważ wszyscy ludzie są równi, niezależnie od koloru skóry, nikogo nie można dyskryminować za to, że urodził się na drugim końcu świata.

    Racist is a person who is intolerant, discriminates people because they have a different skin colour, other faith or other country. Racism is a bad feature, we should work on this.
    One day I met with racist situation. A small, African, boy with dark skin went to the Polish school for the first time. A group of children didn't want to talk to him because of the difference. He couldn't read, write, but classmates instead of helping him, they just called him and they laughed at him. The boy had large difficulty with finding friends and understanding among his peers. The help of teachers and parents wasn't enough, he needed as each child colleagues. He found a real friend only at the end of the school year.
    There is racism in the modern world, but this should not be the case, because all people are equal, regardless of the color of the skin, no one can be discriminated against because he was born in another part of the world.

    By Zuzanna Marzejon

    Be yourself?
    Everyday TV, radio, Internet say us a lot of slogans type of “We are equal”, ”You are perfect”, “Be free”. But I’m not sure that is the truth and not easy.
    In each country still live people, who hate difference. Still live in them racism, sexism, general intolerance.
    So the question is ‘how changing society can become more tolerant?’

    By Martyna Rzepka Id
    Because I was a woman.
    Sitting in the classroom, being the only girl with 20 boys. I was often treated badly, because I entered this class and disturbed their “male world”. Invoked, worst, beaten. Why? because I was a woman. After class situations, I was afraid of men and I was depressed. I could not count on my parents' support because only the work and the company they owned were important to them.
    We never complained about the lack of money. But what is the money for a human who wants support...? So I volunteered to join the support group. The people there were very kind and helpful.
    They helped me to get up after the situation. They became my family. I changed my school, now I feel a lot better.
    I'm still working on my fear but I feel I could do anything right now.
    By Aleksandra Korth Id

    Pewnego dnia mój kolega, który nie szanuje ludzi o innej orientacji seksualnej, zaczął wyzywać Tomka. Po całym zajściu był bardzo z siebie dumny i uważał, że tak trzeba postępować, aby pozbyć się takich osobników ze społeczeństwa. Po jego słowach uznałem, że ma rację i sam zacząłem być tak toksyczny jak on dla przedstawicieli homoseksualizmu. Jednak kiedy następnego dnia spotkałem Tomka płaczącego na korytarzu moje poglądy zmieniły się ,wytłumaczył mi jak bardzo go to krzywdzi. Nie mogłem sobie wybaczyć mojego wcześniejszego postępowania, więc aby naprawić wyrządzone szkody zacząłem od przeproszenia wszystkich ,których skrzywdziłem moimi słowami .Zrozumiałem, że takie postępowanie jest złe i już więcej nie obrażam homoseksualistów.
    One day, my friend, who doesn’t respect people with a different sexual orientation, began to call Tomek. After the whole incident, he was very proud of himself and thought that it was necessary to proceed in such a way to get rid of such individuals from society. After his words, I thought he was right and I started to be toxic like him to represent hatred for homosexuality. Next day, when I met Tomek crying in the corridor , my views changed, he explained to me how much it hurts him. I couldn’t forgive my previous behavior, so to rectify the damage I had done, I began to apologize to everyone whom I had hurt with my words. I understood that this behavior is bad and I do not offend homosexuals anymore.
    By Konrad Kownatke
    A big mistake
    One day when I was at work I met a group of men who looked very different. They were a little bit shy and confused because a rest of visitors looked down on them and laughed. When I talked with someone of them I heard that he called another one 'my love'. Then I recognized that they are gays. I was shocked that they are interested on motorization. I thought that gays aren't interested in typical for 'real' men things but I found out that it wasn't true. While we were talking for a long time I noticed that they were very friendly and nice people so I couldn't understand why other people were laughing at them. We have been still in touch.
    By Maciej Hemlich Erasmus+ team
    Nikola’s bad day
    One day, my friend Nikola was scrolling social media as usual. That day she decided to put in her new photo, which she liked very much. After a few minutes, she saw a comment from a classmate, Paweł. He said: "You look worse than usual. Go to hell, do a favour to the world." Nikola told me later how sorry she felt and how her self-esteem broke down. Since then she regularly attends a school psychologist. Paweł, unfortunately, apart from a small consequence, what was the reduced rating from behavior, didn't draw any conclusions.
    By Kaja Kirszling

  9. Colour of the skin
    One day I met with laughing at another person because of her skin color. I did not understand it completely and asked why he was doing it. And this person only replied because "he’s black" so I decided it would be good if they talked instead of calling themselves name, I started talking, at first I thought it would not do anything, but with time they talked more and more now friends, and the boy who insulted understood that he was doing wrong. I would like everyone to understand that the color of the skin does not say who you are. It would be quite sensible.
    By Wiktor Czarnowski

    Since the beginning of mankind, violence between genders has remained a problem.
    Physical violence towards women is due to their incapacity of self-defense, but also because of the inferiority complex supported by the Church in the Dark Ages (the man was created first, thus he is superior).
    Nowadays, there are laws to protect women against violence, but that does not stop the phenomenon.
    However, men can be also victims of violence, as there are cases when the woman is the aggressor.
    A solution for this would be the acknowledgement of mistakes and the change in mentality on both sides.

    By Andrei Caeriu


    We...are humans. We are so different, but yet so similar.
    About women and men...well...it's so sad that there are stereotypes, that we have to respect; or else... we're weirdos.
    Girls have to wear pink,
    Boys have to wear blue.
    Isn't that from the beginning? Since our parents thought us these things?
    For example, once, I was at the market, buying... I don't know, something regular, like bread. A kid, more exactly a boy, asked his mom, to buy him a balloon. Then, a shop assistant asked him friendly: "What colour would you like?", and he said smiling: „pink". I thought the moment was so cute...but then, his mom said: "You can't choose that colour. It's a girls’ colour."
    I really have to say, that I was just as confused as the kid was. I mean...why? Just...why? Why do we have to teach our kids like this. Why has the simplicity of the colours get so complicated, just because of stereotypes like that?
    Uf, stereotypes...

    By Dragusanu Teona


    I am one of the many persons that are against gender violence. Everyone
    should be equal, it doesn't matter the gender. Equality should not be counted only
    as the right of identity, it should also be counted as equal respect between each
    other, based on their differences. Mostly girls and women are victims of gender
    violence and I think this started because of the inequality of power between
    genders. Violence against women is considered as failing the human rights and it
    is also seen as discrimination. I think that education has an important role for
    curing gender violence and all people should be taught to respect each other.
    By Elena Chiriac


    There are a lot of cases of gender abuse all over the world and I would like to
    express my opinion about this subject. I want to be very clear that I hate the idea of
    violence in general, but I feel like this problem is on a different level. Gender
    violence is not just another form of violence, it is actually a combination of gender
    racism, fake gender superiority and violence, which are very good examples why
    we should be against it. There are a lot of people suffering right now because of
    this problem. My very personal opinion is that the world should just learn how to
    help everyone with their problems because anything has a cause and I feel like
    small problems make good people bad people capable of such wrong things. From
    my perspective the genders are equal and everyone should just learn to emphasize
    with everyone for the very best experience on Earth which we could possibly get,
    we and the future generations.
    By Mosneagu Mihnea

    When I was a kid I thought that family means harmony. Two people joining their lives together to live happily ever after, creating in the process a safe and loving space for their future children. But as I grew, I came to realize that not everything is as "pink" as I thought.
    I've seen a lot of abusive persons throughout my everyday life. Fathers yelling and hitting their wives or children and even mothers doing the same. A lot of people say that men are more aggressive than women, but family abuse is as common in men as in women.
    No matter in which form, abuse is still abuse and it affects us deeply, both physically and mentally. I hope for a future where words and rational conversations, are the solution to a conflict, not aggressiveness.
    We are people, not lions fighting to survive.
    By Silvia Pintilie


    I'm 16. I'm at my friend's birthday party. Everybody's dancing. I'm sitting on a chair while drinking my juice, when suddenly, a boy comes to me, picks me up and starts dancing with me. He is drunk. The more I try to keep him away, the more he forces me to dance. He leans in and kisses me. I'm shocked. I want him to disappear, but I'm the one who runs upstairs with tears in my eyes. I ask my friend why he did it. She says "That's what boys do" and laughs.
    I don't laugh.


    I'm not trying to offend anyone. I stay up for girls, I stay up for boys. But not for that category of boys that think it is 'cool' to invade girls' bodies. Why would you make a girl feel uncomfortable just because you want to impress your friends? Just think of it. Even if you only whistle to a girl you will make her feel bad. You might have a daughter someday. How would you feel if somebody bullied her just because she is a girl? Think twice before you speak. Think twice before you act.

    By Stefan Adriana

    In my opinion, it is sad that this expression – “gender violence” has to even exist in the first place; it is heartbreaking to think that, this barbarity happens on a daily basis to both women and men.
    Abused people should speak up for themselves and not fear the consquences because the worst has already happened to them. And I think that the easiest and the best way for the victims to express their views and feelings can be technology – more specifically the Internet, they can always rely on that and try to tell their story and make themselves heard or seek for help when needed.
    We also need to hear those people who are physically and mentally hurt and fight alongside them because they should not feel alone in this battle. Together, we can take action against inhumanity.

    By Vasile Ferariu

  11. First woman in e-sports
    Kelsie’s life was hard. People were judging her, because she was playing videogames. In her country it was tabu and she set a new life goal – be a professional gamer. When people heard about it, they laughed. That pushed Kelsie to train harder. She was playing videogames all day all night. Her parents didn’t like it. But she wanted to improve herself. She was preparing for a competition in videogames. Because girls couldn’t compete, she was wearing a black hoodie. Kelsie won the competition and people changed their minds. Girls in her country were thankful.
    Kristína Sýkorová

  12. The right
    Sharia is 15 years old girl. She goes to high school and she is the best student in her class. After graduation she wants to study computer science at university, but she can't. Only boys can get scholarship. She is really upset about that, because she is a lot smarter than some boys from her class. Maybe if she goes study at the university, she could invent some new technology. There are lots of girls like her. I am really upset, because everyone should have the right for education, no matter gender.
    Matúš Adamko

  13. Feel free
    It is the midnight and Anne has just woken up very frightened. It happened again. A man`s hand was beating her body. It was her husband Peter. He has been beating her for many years. And today it was not exception. Her body and soul hurt and her head works very slowly. „No! I cannot allow this! It must stop!“ she said. She takes her mobile phone and calls The line for abused women. They will help her, because once her husband can beat her and their children for last time. After call she takes her bag and puts there the most important things for her and her children. She is going to her parents. After 6 weeks she again woke up with sigh. Today has her husband meeting with psychologist at police station. He is in prison. And Anne lives in Centre for abused women. After a long time she again feels free.
    Beáta Augustinová

    Sara is a young woman, that didn’t deserve what her boyfriend did to her. It was a beautiful sunny day. When she had been cleaning their flat, her significant other came home and started beating her. He was drunk and kind of mad. Mad because she “couldn’t wash his socks”. Mike, her boy, is known for his strong arms, but he had never been violent before. Sara started crying. Her hand was broken. She even confessed that it wasn’t for the first time. He had beaten her before. It was when she had cooked raw meat. What a society...
    Linda Mrníková

  14. Two faces of family
    At days there live happy family, but after evenings when father of family came back home, everything came gloomily and sad. Violent father comes home from work drunk, weary and angry. One scatter was enough for started his violence. He beat kids and woman, break what came under hand, but earn money for family. Woman can’t divorce with him, she was scared of future for her kids and knew that this is the best option. And without him they won’t manage it. For family it was tragedy, but they have to handle with it.
    Ivana Ostrihoňová

    Story that has to be told...
    Peter and Alice were perfect couple, they loved each other, they even started to live together in a very young age. She started to be jealous. She forced him to delete all of his profiles on social networks and by the time, he had to quit meeting his friends and family. She took control over his life. She started to hit him with things without any reason. His brother started to be suspicious, they used to be very close and then he suddenly stopped seeing him. He called the police and then, Peter was finally able to tell his story...
    Lucia Lieskovská

    How should they defend?
    Things happened so quickly and happy family is no longer a sentence to label her life. From loving father has became alcoholic. She tried but it was no longer him to be protector of family. She would done anything for her little girl to be safe. They ran away. Noone believed her. ,,He is a good man,” they said, ,, why are you running from such a lovely man? ”. Why didn't they believe her? But she's done it for her little princess. Now she is 16 and never appreciate noone more than her mom. Now she is happy.
    Tereza Rafajová

  15. Gender Inequality
    Unfortunately, women still don’t have the same rights as men. You can see those differences mainly in the Middle Eastern, North African regions where women are forbidden from driving, don’t have the right divorce, access to education, must obey strict clothes requirements. But there’s also an economical difference where gender inequality is clearly visible- salary pays. The highest-paying fields are still dominated by men, and on average, women earn just 77 percent of what men earn for the same amount of work. It could take a full 45 years before this gender inequality disappears.
    Barbora Brezňanová

    Now I can
    Her name is Ruth Smith and this is her story. At first glance, this day doesn’t seem to be so very special. The sun is shining and everybody is way too busy with their own business. But don’t be mistaken, this is a big day for her, as well as all other women of America. Ruth is going to vote today. The year is 1920. For a long time women were fighting against oppression and now the history is changing. Future is shining bright for Ruth. She is going to vote today.
    Tereza Balačinová

    Make a Change
    During my childhood a lot of strong women lived in my neighbourhood, they were proud mothers, hard-workers, best cooks and funny storytellers. They also had a great partners, men. They were the strong force with loving coat, ready to protect them and to help them, heroes. I was really happy child until I saw a different side of this world. My neighbor was raped, my classmate was bullied, because he was gay and I was insulted by a bad nicknames, because I had more guy mates then girl ones. There was the time I realized this has to be changed.
    Lea Steinerová

  16. 365 DAYS
    I think its day again. The lights in my cage just turned on. Every woman knows that there must be silence orpunishment. So I only made next coma to the wall,now there are 360 comas,like 360 days in here,in my clink. Im the longest time in here from the other girls. All the woman who had 365 days counted on their keep wall,disappeared....What happend with them? Maybe after year (in here) nobody will look for woman, who has her own mind,ideas,opinions. W ell,it t akes 5 days to my disappearing from society like every uncomfortable woman before me...Why? Because I dont want to be eyeless sheep? Because I have my mind?....Please,when will I be free?