9 de enero de 2018

Their time is up

Last Sunday, at the Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey gave an speech whose video went viral. She did it after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award, given for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. In a gala where everyone was wearing black on a movement against sexual harassment, it wouldn't have fit better.

She started talking about how she, as a child, saw the award being given to the first black man to receive and at that moment she was the first black woman honoured like that, while young children were watching. Those kids could change the world, just like Oprah has and I'm sure she will keep doing.

She thanked the press for always uncovering the truth, the one that stops us from turning a blind eye to corruption and injustice. It's easy to live in ignorance, while others are suffering what could happen to us if we don't root this problem out.

She said to inspire on every women that were there that evening, who are celebrated for telling stories, but in 2017 they made history; but that didn't happen only in the entertainment industry, but in the rest of the world too, independently of culture, age, race...

She also told the story of a woman who had died 10 days before the speech and who was assaulted while she was walking home from church. Those criminals were never caught, That woman lived in a time when women were neither listened nor believed, silenced by brutally powerful men; but their time is up.

She finished saying powerfully that a new day is on the horizon, and when that day dawns, it will be thanks to a group of magnificent women and pretty phenomenal men, that will have led people to a world where anyone has to say #MeToo ever again.

Honestly, I had never heard so many truths in the same speech, an speech full of hope. Someday, the day that Oprah describes will come and, luckily, every single one of us reading this will be there to witness it. We have got the power to turn that day into a fact and not just a dream. because we are part of the magnificent group of people Oprah talked about and we can change the world and beat those who are stopping that day of dawning. We are strong and numerous, and we can stop those who want to keep us drowning in the dark of the night and get what they want; because their time is up, now it's our turn to fight back.
Nuria Fernández Roca, from Aequitas25 Group

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  1. This social scourge must come to an end.

  2. He utilizado el traductor porque soy de francés 🙂.
    Me encanta esta reflexión, por favor, sois el futuro. Tenéis que luchar mucho en el IES.