2 de diciembre de 2016

Hope is the last thing you lose

The crime fills the streets with fear. Guns terrify parents who take their sons and daughters' hand hard . Criminals and thieves are everywhere. A politician system which doesn’t care about them. And much, much, much fear... Any protection? I doubt it. This is Honduras, one of the most violent countries in America. But there is always a child who still smiles.
Honduras is a country which is in Central America. It is very small. It contains 8.7 million of people. Honduras’ population work in the agriculture, the business and the public services. Due to violence in this place, a lot of people migrate to other countries (specially to the United States). That fact makes Honduras have a least amount of young people.
Last Tuesday, the 1ºBac A  group and the participants of the ‘’Red Solidaria de Entreculturas’’ attended a lecture given by Father Humberto and Vicente. Their association sends clothing, food and school materials to Honduras because there is a kínder school there. With all the materials, they can protect the children and make them happy. The children can have the right to education which is very important for their future.
On the one hand, Father Humberto told us what children do in there. Almost all the children go to the school everyday because they know that it is not a dangerous spot. What’s more, it is a place where boys and girls are really protected and can smile. The rebels have not attacked this part  of the city because they understand it makes the children happy.
Then, Humberto and Vicente showed us some photos that they were taken along the school year. It was amazing to see the children’s smile despite their country’s poverty. These photographs make us think over about how lucky we are and how little we realize. They explained us the celebrations of his country and how kids celebrate them.
On the other hand, Vicente who worked in a hospital, spoke us about the diseases that are common there. The problem is that there is a private health care at which so many people can’t afford treatment or a doctor’s visit.
In my opinion, the lecture was very interesting. We learn and reflect a lot. And above all we realized that we have to fight for all these people who have such a bad situation.
I participate in the ‘’Red Solidaria de Entreculturas’’ and I am proud to say it when I see the smiles of those children who are happy with so many little things and only ask for a glimmer of hope.
Never stop fighting.

Claudia Aguilar, collaborator of Aequitas25 Group.

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