2 de noviembre de 2016

They have feelings too...

Nowadays more and more people are trying to work for equality in our world. This is something that we can be proud of, since just eighty years ago the position of women in world has been terrible. However, we should keep working on it, because there are still a lot of women and girls who are not in a good situation.
To begin with, the subject I am going to talk about is not something that we know a lot . Would you mind thinking for a second about how many humans are used in sexual exploitation business per year?, if you do not know about it, I bet you are going to get really surprised when I tell you that the number of people who involuntary participate in this, is two million. Moreover, this gets even crazier when we get to see that the ninety eight percent of the amount of people who unfortunately have to live this kind of situations are girls and women.
You may be trying to figure out what the reason of this is, well, it is a real fact that the exploitation, is directly linked to poverty and underdevelopment. As a consequence, most of the women who get raped and abused of, are from countries without resources, nevertheless, there is a large number of women who go to developed countries from another developed countries who see their self obligated to take a place in mafias or another kind of organizations so they can give some food to their children or family...
The beginning of the "trip" who these girls and women are part of, starts in the undeveloped countries, the organizations who use them, transport them to places of sexual entertainment such as brothels or "clubs". There, these women are forced to give every single work they are asked for, (if they refuse, bad consequences will come to their lives...). After every day of "working day", they give the money that they have made to their ponce, he saves most of it and gives them less than  half of what they got giving their bodies to strangers.
From the view of sociologists and experts on human sciences, this should be a priority in our list of things to work against in the world. They say that we should think about that those girls and women who get into those nightmares every day are humans too. They think and they feel, and these situations do not just affect them physically, they affect them physiologically too.
To sum up, what I propose, is "Let´s try working together on finding a way to make the world a better place for everyone!".

Pablo Mena, collaborator of Aequitas25 Group

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